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June 2, 2008

Awnclean, an Awning and Pressure Cleaning Company, Deploys JETT-Track GPS Truck Tracking

Solana Beach, CA - Awnclean, a Florida based awning and pressure cleaning company, installed JETT-Track GPS truck tracking units on their cleaning trucks. JETT-Track helped them cut costs and increase worker safety almost immediately. Drivers' average speed dropped 10-15MPH once they knew they were being monitored. This saves fuel and has reduced repair and maintenance costs on their trucks.

"We installed a GPS tracking system last year so we can monitor our drivers and make sure they are not speeding and remain safe while they are working. Many of our jobs are in the evening, are a long way from our office and drivers are towing a lot of weight with their trucks," said Paul Diehl, owner of Awnclean. "An added benefit is we know when a job starts, when they go to lunch and when the job has been completed. This will save us on payroll and paperwork costs."

Awnclean also uses JETT-Track to get turn-by-turn directions for a job or to help a lost driver find their way. JETT-Track uses Google Maps to help dispatchers navigate and find the best route. JETT-Track recently added the traffic feature from Google, which allows customers to view any traffic issues in real-time.

"We had a situation where a driver had an on the job injury and we needed to get him to the hospital," Diehl said. "We were able to login to JETT-Track, find the nearest hospital and tell them how to get there quickly."

More and more companies are realizing the benefits of GPS truck tracking and most see a return on their GPS investment within the first six weeks. Visit to download a FREE research report and see how much GPS truck tracking can save your company today.

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