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July 14, 2008

Marimon Business Systems Increases Productivity and Reduces Costs With JETT-Track GPS Truck Tracking

Houston, TX - Houston based Marimon Business Systems, sells and services multifunctional devices, copiers and printers in Houston and Dallas. Before using JETT-Track GPS truck tracking, they had no visibility into where their service technicians were, whether they started or completed a service call and communication was very challenging.

"JETT-Track helps us better serve our customers by having the knowledge of where our service techs are located. We can dispatch a service tech quickly and efficiently without having to make multiple phone calls," Anthony R. Marimon, Marimon Business Systems. "We have significantly decreased our cell phone costs and have seen a dramatic increase in productivity which has led to more revenue. Our techs need to be at their first service call by 8am and JETT-Track makes it easy to know that everyone is on time. Plus we know when they finished the service call and have moved on to the next call."

Marimon Business Systems also uses speed alerts to know when a driver is going too fast. With fuel prices reaching record levels, service fleets are doing everything they can to reduce fuel costs. Companies that keep their drivers under 65MPH are seeing increased fuel economy over drivers that are constantly speeding. Increased service revenues and decreased costs are two of the many benefits you will recognize immediately when deploying a GPS tracking system.

More and more companies are realizing the benefits of GPS truck tracking and most see a return on their GPS investment within the first six weeks. Visit to download a FREE research report and see how much GPS truck tracking can save your company today.

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JETT-Track gives trucking companies the ability to manage, locate and track their service vehicles in real-time. JETT-Track is based in Solana Beach, CA. Additional information and a live, hands-on demonstration of our GPS tracking capabilities are available at

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